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  • Who will be allocated as my hair and makeup artist?
    We will allocate your hairstylist or makeup artist after you have secured your date based on availability. We have carefully selected our team of hairstylists to ensure the best experience on the day.
  • Can I send inspiration photos?
    Absolutely! If you want to send any inspiration photos to we love to see any photos you may love to help us create your perfect look.
  • Will you give me a lipstick for on the day?
    Unfortunately we do no provide lipsticks for you on the day. We can however discuss popular shades for you to purchase to be able to top up throughout the day and night.
  • How long does hair and makeup take per person?
    We allow approximately 1 hour per person for hair and makeup.
  • How many artists will I require for the day?
    Each artist can manage 6 people. For larger bookings, we will we advise the best way to have your day run as smoothly as it can.
  • What brands of makeup do you use?
    We carry an array of high end brands which include: Huda, Charlotte Tilbury, MAC, Tatcha, Rare Beauty, Fenty, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Hourglass, and many more.
  • Are your products vegan?
    Currently at this time we do not offer vegan products.
  • What areas do you service?
    Byron Bay, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast. For areas outside this area, we would love to be able to arrange a travel quote for you.
  • Do you offer mobile and salon bookings?
    We offer both mobile bookings and studio bookings, located in Southport.
  • Is there travel fee?
    Yes. We have a set 0.85 cents per km per artist to and from location.
  • Why is there a travel fee?
    We charge travel to and from the location based on a number of factors which include: - The time it takes to travel to locations. We could use this time to book in studio clients, so we need to factor this in when travelling distances. - Use of petrol. With the rise of petrol prices, we need to ensure we are covered for any fuel that may be used to and from location. - Carrying our kits that can weigh 10kg+ Please be respectful of our travel fees, and understand there are many factors contributing to the travel fee to be able to offer a convenient mobile service.
  • Do you have a minimum amount of people for mobile services?
    Yes, mobile services need a minimum of 3 people. please send us an enquiry for more details.
  • My ceremony is early, is there an early start fee?
    Yes. Our early start fee is $50 per artist per hour before 6am. Eg. Need to be started at 3am and have 2 artists? That will be $100 per artist, so $200 total on your invoice.
  • What areas do you service?
    Byron Bay, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast. For areas outside this area, we would love to be able to arrange a travel quote for you.
  • Will you travel to destination weddings?
    Yes, some of our artists are available for destination weddings. The client will be in charge of booking and paying for any travel expenses in addition to the bridal quote. Some extra charges may include flights and accommodation. OLB must approve all flights and accommodation before booking.
  • Do I need to organise parking for my artists?
    Yes. Please be aware that all travel costs on your quote covers the artists travel to your location. Any additional costs like parking must be organised BEFORE your booked date.
  • Do you offer hair and makeup trials?
    We sure do! Our trials are serviced in our studio in Southport, QLD.
  • Do you need a hair and makeup trial?
    Although not 100% neccesary, a trial is extremely recommended for the bride. This is very helpful to make the wedding day go smoothly so that we may practice more than one look. During this session we will have an in depth consultation on your bridal goals, and how to achieve them. Pictures for inspiration are most definitely welcome! I recommend booking your trail run any time during the planning process, or at minimum one month prior to your wedding date.
  • Should I book my trial before booking my wedding date?
    We suggest booking in your trial after you've locked in your wedding date. We can not guarantee that your wedding date will be available by the time you have booked and had your trial.
  • How much is the deposit?
    All bookings require a 20% deposit. 50% is refundable up until 3 months until your date. Cancellation within 3 months of your date 100% of the deposit is deemed a cancellation fee.
  • When is the final payment due for my wedding?
    Remaining balance is to be made 3o days before your date. Due dates can be found on your invoice and reminders are sent out.
  • Is there an early start fee?
    Yes, if bookings are to start before 6am there is a $50 early call out fee per artist per hour.
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