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Tips for your event.


We all want to ensure a flawless base and avoid that "cakey" look. We have some tips to help create that flawless base, as that "cakey" look has more to do with your skin type then the makeup.

  • Hydrate - We all know how good hydration is, and this will ensure your skin is well hydrated and plump for your event. Dry skin can absorb products put on your face causing that "cakey" look. So drink lots of water leading up to as this can really help.

  • Skin Prep - As artists we take all the necessary steps to make a flawless base. But you can do some little steps at home leading up to your appointment to assist with that flawless base. Cleansing & moisturising morning and night, and exfoliating 2 days prior can massively help. Hydrating sheet masks can also help.

  • Tanning - We all know most brides will opt to a fake tan before an event. But PLEASE do not tan your face. Tanning your face will dry out your skin, sometimes leading to that "cakey" look. We promise you you will look stunning if you ask to not have your face tanned.

Touch Up Kit:

No matter how much we powder and set, makeup will always wear off throughout the day. Whether that be from the weather, natural movements of your face or accidental touching of your face, there is no magic way to make your makeup stay without touching it up.

  • Blotting Paper - Blotting paper is the number one essential product for a touch up kit. This will help absorb any natural oils that will develop over the course of the day, without adding extra product or powder.

  • Translucent Powder - Translucent powder is another great way to touch up when oils develop, this should be done after blotting paper has been used, just to avoid adding too much product which can cause an undesirable "cakey" look.

  • Lipstick - A lipstick is a MUST. Lipstick will never stay out, as you talk, laugh and drink. It will slowly wear off, so having a lipstick that you can touch up throughout your day and night is essential.

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